Wild Ones

December 2, 2011

Check out the Hockey Helmet which just arrived to Wild Ones! Wear this accessory and dominate your opponents today! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2o65h

December 1, 2011

The Hockey Stick has arrived to the Shop! Check out this cool weapon and treat your opponents like pucks today. GOOOOOOAAALLL!!! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2nmnS

November 30, 2011

Hey, Wild Ones! Check out the new Hockey items we have in the Shop today. Wear this Hockey Jersey for additional damage stats. Don't mess with this hockey player! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2nTuG

November 29, 2011

Happy Monday, Wild Ones! Grab these 2 free Mine Showers and log into the game and check out what's new in the Shop. It's time for to play Wild Ones! 2 Free Mine Showers: http://play.dm/2n75s

November 28, 2011

Hey, Wild Ones! It's time to log in to the game to check out what new items are in the Shop today. Don't forget to also check out our newest Head to Head feature. Challenge your neighbors today! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2kywg

November 27, 2011

We have a new five days of gifting in Wild Ones! Collect all five gifts in five days to earn the Pilgrim Hat. It matches the other Pilgrim items so don't miss out on this free item! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2kyvv

November 26, 2011

Hey, Wild Ones! Check out our newest snack, the Cranberry Sauce. Consume this coin snack for an extra jump boost. It's time to jump into some matches! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2kyux

November 25, 2011

Gobble Gobble to all of our U.S. players! After stuffing yourself full of food, log into Wild Ones and try out our newest feature, Head to Head Battle! It's time to prove who the real pro of Wild Ones is! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2kytY

November 24, 2011

Check out the new Cornucopia Gun which arrived to the Shop just in time for the holiday! Try out this weapon and send a multi-shot of explosive produce to your opponents today! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2kysj

November 23, 2011

A new feature has arrived to Wild Ones! Log into the game and check out the Head to Head feature, there's a tutorial to help you too. It's time to challenge your neighbors to a heads up match! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2kuxf

November 22, 2011

Happy Monday, Wild Ones! It's time to grab these free teleporters and join a match. Use these in battle to get you out of trouble today! 5 Free Teleporters: http://play.dm/2kYp1

November 21, 2011

Hey, Wild Ones! The Pilgrim Pants will go well with any outfit so be sure to check them out. They give you +10 health points so make sure your pet wears them into battle today! There's a treats sale going on right now too so grab the Pilgrim Pants today! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2jG9H

November 20, 2011

This is a reminder! The Pumpkin Pie will be in the Shop for a limited time only so be sure to grab yours in time for Thanksgiving. Take advantage of the treats sale and send your opponents a sweet treat today! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2jG6q

November 19, 2011

Hey, Wild Ones! We have a three day Treats sale going on right now in Wild Ones! Log in and check out the deals. Start saving up so you can buy the newest content in the game! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2jG5J

November 19, 2011

Happy Friday, Wild Ones! Check out the Acorn snack in the Shop which gives you an extra 35% damage boost per turn. Consume this snack for some extra strength today! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2jG5J

November 18, 2011

Hey, Wild Ones! Check out the Pilgrim Pants which give you +10 health points. Wear them into battle for some extra HP today! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2j0XW

November 17, 2011

Hey, Wild Ones! Check out the Pilgrim Shoes in the shop that matches the Pilgrim Shirt! Buckle up, Thanksgiving is almost here! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2id0c

November 16, 2011

Hey, Wild Ones! Thanksgiving is almost here so be sure to log into the game and check out all the recently released content like the Pilgrim Shirt. Get your pets dressed for the holiday today! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2iCvo

November 15, 2011

Happy Monday, Wild Ones! Take these free Exploding Turkeys in preparation for the upcoming U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. Give your opponents an exploding surprise today! Free Exploding Turkeys: http://play.dm/2hr0M

November 13, 2011

Hey, Wild Ones! Check out the Viking Pants which match the other Viking accessories in the Shop today. Don't go into battle without them! Play Wild Ones: http://play.dm/2gSQI

November 12, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day to all of the U.S. veteran's who serve for our country! To celebrate, take these free MIRVs and log into Wild Ones today and play a few matches. Happy Friday! Free 3 MIRVs: http://play.dm/2gcwN

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