Car Madness

The Science of Speed: 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS
October 30, 2011

With 620 horsepower, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is a handful to drive. We trained our high speed video cameras on the GT2 RS as it takes a high speed corner to a...

Extreme Sports Compilation
October 5, 2011

Extreme Sports Compilation Song: Gorillaz - Melancholy Hill (Feed Me Remix) ____/\________\0/________ Shark attack!!!

Tony Kanaan and Helio Crash at Baltimore
September 6, 2011

Scary crash during the warmup for the IZOD IndyCar Series race in Baltimore. Tony Kanaan lost his brakes going 180mph.

Budapest-Bamako 2012 Planned Route
December 17, 2011

The route of the 2012 Budapest-Bamako will take drivers through eight countries including Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Senegal and Gu...

Two Classics, One Car - Video Library - The New York Times
August 4, 2011

After six decades, Margaret Dunning still breezes down the road in her creamy 740 Packard roadster.

BBC: Car Darts!! - Top Gear
December 17, 2011

Richard Hammond and James May try their hands at recreating James Bond stunts...using cars as darts and a caravan as the bullseye. Yes. See it to believe it....

World's only actual turbine powered Batmobile
July 16, 2011

This is the only Batmobile created that makes fiction reality. It is powered by a military spec Boeing turboshaft engine driving the rear wheels through a se...

BMW 1M - Walls - MPowered Performance Part 1
June 14, 2011

The BMW 1 Series M Coupé versus concrete walls. "Like" BMW at

December 17, 2011

We launched a new game this morning: Hockey Mania! Build your team, manage your players, compete on the world stage. Try it out:
May 25, 2011

If you have not tried it yet, check out our new Driver feature. Now you can earn money when you friends race, by being their driver. Take the next step from being an owner and become the world's best driver:

Crazy Finns Crashing - with pure crashing sounds
May 6, 2011

Part 2 here: My rally crash&roll playlist: It´s time for ...

Ferrari 458 Italia - Racing Cockpit
April 28, 2011

Watch the video with the descriptions of how to perform the adjustments and the explanations of the commands' ergonomics in the 458 Italia. Discover how to a...

Einstellfahrt VLN 26.03.11 - Ferrari P4/5 Competizione - filmed by Broekie
March 30, 2011

Zusammenschnit aus den Ferrari P4/5 Competizione Shots. Das erste mal mit den Nikon D7000, ist in der handhabung wesentlich anders als ein normale Videokamera. Der VR (OS für Canon) Funktion ist nicht immer hilfreich. Ich brauche noch ganz viel übung! (Filmed by Broekie)

Maverick Flying Car at Oshkosh
March 29, 2011

October 13, 2010 - Steve Saint of I-TEC drove his road-legal flying car from Florida to Oshkosh this summer. Since then the FAA has also issued the Maverick a S-LSA aircraft airworthiness certificate. I-TEC hopes to be in production by EAA Oshkosh 2011.

March 22, 2011

Hey racers, we are getting ready to launch a new game. If you want a first look, help us beta test by clicking here:

March 18, 2011

Want to race for free (without even using stamina!)? Try the new challenge feature with your friends. Click here:

March 11, 2011

Check out our new Customizer for limited edition cars!

March 3, 2011

The VW Bulli microbus was recently introduced at the Geneva show. Would you drive one?

February 22, 2011

Porsche is testing out their new electric Boxster E. This impressive car provides 240bhp and boasts a 0-62mph time of 5.3 seconds. What do you the new Boxster E Car Madness material?
September 17, 2011

We've created a work around for the page partially loading bug, which is caused by Facebook. Click here to play without the problem:

February 16, 2011

We are aware that some of you (about 20%) are experiencing problems with only seeing "half the page". This is a Facebook issue. We're working with them to help fix it. It sounds like it should be fixed shortly and we're really sorry about it.

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